• J2ME Specifications and other Java Platforms

    J2ME Specifications All of the J2ME configurations and profiles have been developed as part of the Java Community Process (JCP). The JCP brings together leading players in the relevant industries with the aim of agreeing on a common specification to which they can all design their products. Each configuration or profile started out as a Java Specification Request(JSR), which describes the scope of the work to be done and an outline of the areas to be covered. An expert group is assembled to create the specification, which is then subject to an internal ballot and revision before being made available for public review. Following public review and a possible last revision, the final draft is produced, and the JSR is completed.

  • What Is the J2ME Platform?

    J2ME - Java platform for mobile application developmentIn the early 1990s, Sun Microsystems created a new programming language called Oak as part of a research project to build consumer electronics products that relied heavily on software. The first prototype for Oak was a portable home controller called Star7, a small handheld device with an LCD touchscreen and built-in wireless networking and infrared communications. It could be used as remote control for a television or VCR and as an electronic program guide, and it also had some of the functions that are now associated with PDAs, such as appointment scheduling. Software for this type of device needs to be extremely reliable and must not make excessive demands on memory or require an extremely powerful (and therefore expensive) processor. Oak was developed as a result of the development team's experiences with C++, which, despite having many powerful features, proved to be prone to programmer errors that affected software reliability. Oak was designed to remove or reduce the ability for programmers to create problems for themselves by detecting more errors at compile time and by removing some of the features of the C++ language (such as pointers and programmer-controlled memory management) that seemed to be most closely associated with the reliability problems.