• How to view Oracle database processes running on the Linux server?


    You want to view processes currently running on the Oracle database server (Linux / Solaris).


    To view process information, use the ps (process status) utility. If you type the ps command without any parameters, you see all processes that have been started by the user you’re currently logged on as:

  • MySQL Database Overview

    Data storage and retrieval is a core element of most applications today. In the early days of software development, programmers wrote their own low-level code to accomplish this. However, they quickly realized that in each application they were essentially reinventing the wheel. Through the usual cycle of trial, error, and subsequent refinement a solution was developed: the data storage and retrieval engine was abstracted into a stand-alone data­base server with the clients connecting to it and sending requests in a custom language called SQL (Structured Query Language).

  • Selecting a Platform for MySQL Server & tips for better performance

    Selecting appropriate hardware and operating systems is a controversial decision in almost any situation. Discussions can become very heated and subjective. In this chapter, I will attempt to provide an objective overview of the major operating systems, highlighting advantages and disad­vantages of each as it pertains to running MySQL server. I do have to make a dis­claimer that I am biased in the direction of Linux and open source solutions.

  • Terminating Oracle Database processes on Linux/Solaris server


    You’re running a Oracle database backup job, and you think the process is hung. You want to kill the process.


    The OS PID can be used to terminate a process with the kill utility. In this example, ps is used to show the PID of an RMAN backup job that seems to be hung and needs to be terminated:

  • View all users currently logged in Oracle Database on Linux server


    You are experiencing performance problems with your  Oracle database server (Linux or Solaris). To help diagnose the issues, you first want to view all users currently logged on to the box.


    Use the who command to display the users logged on to a box: