• WSDL Basics and Why it Learning?

    WSDL Basics LearningIn this blog, you'll learn the basics of creating a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file by hand. Our goal in this blog is to provide you with some best practices and quickly get you up to speed with the language. If you're already comfortable with WSDL, you can safely skip this article. If you're a WSDL/XML Schema purist, then reading this blog will only upset you, because we won't take the time to cover the esoteric capabilities of the language here.

    WSDL is a nontrivial language. To express the depth and breadth of the language fully is beyond the scope of my blog. In this bloge note, we'll focus on a WSDL format that's most amenable to creating highly interoperable web services: document-centric and unencoded (also known as bare or literal encoding). Don't worry if these terms are meaningless to you now. By the end of this article, they'll make perfect sense.