Integrator ETL Server

Integrator ETL Server is a scheduling tool for Endeca ETL graphs. It also has the capability of running shell scripts and batch files and, as a result, can be used to run Endeca IAS crawls remotely before the graphs that consume the data are run.


Integrator ETL Server Background

Recall that Endeca ETL is based on CloverETL, and CloverETL, like most ETL tools, has a scheduling platform to run processes on a scheduled basis. This scheduling tool is CloverETL Server. Endeca ETL Server is ostensibly CloverETL Server, but with no special modification.


Integrator ETL Server Usage

Users of Endeca ETL can connect to Endeca ETL Server using a server project and can develop projects on the server just as though they were developing on their local file system. This feature makes Integrator ETL Server easy to use. On Integrator ETL Server, a graph is contained in a sandbox, which is the term used for a project container on Integrator ETL Server. A sandbox on the server is a directory on the server file system.

Endeca ETL Server has all of the features you would expect on a production server, including e-mail notifications, local security or security integration with LDAP, multistep job control, and a rich API that allows interaction with other systems. It also has a built-in WebDAV server that can be used to host files supplied by external systems to be used by graphs. There is a file listener utility that provides capabilities for monitoring files and file systems and then running graphs when a new file arrives or an existing file changes.

Endeca ETL Server is a full-featured scheduling tool and should be considered for any large-scale Endeca installation that uses Endeca ETL.


Integrator ETL Server Installation

The documentation provided for Integrator ETL Server is the CloverETL Server documentation, but with Oracle boilerplate. Oracle points out that although the CloverETL Server documentation has a long list of supported application servers, Oracle supports only Apache Tomcat and WebLogic. Either Windows or Linux can be used as the operating system for Integrator ETL Server. The documentation for Integrator ETL Server does not make specific recommendations regarding versions of operating systems supported. Clover ETL Server uses its own Apache Derby database for a repository database.

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